*What happens when the addon product inventory quantity is zero?

The addon product will not be displayed if its inventory quantity is less than one.

In case the addon product has multiple variants then it will be displayed for variants with inventory greater than zero.

*Why the variant selector box is not displayed for some addon products?

If the addon product has a single variant the variant box will not be displayed.

The variant selector box will be displayed only for products with multiple variants.

*Can I edit the addons?

 Yes, addons can be edited anytime and changes will be reflected instantly.

Editing add-on is quite easy. Simply Click on addons tab and click on the edit icon for the addon which needs to be edited.

You can add more child products and can remove existing Child products.

*What happens when I change the theme of my store?

The Addons snippet must be installed to the new published theme in order to display the addons as expected. Refer to the video to install the snippet in the theme.

Video link:

*Can I hide the quantity selector for addon product?

Yes, you can hide the quantity selector by going into the Settings -> app settings -> Addons Settings.

*How many addons I can associate with one Master product?

There are no limitations to add the number of addons (child) products.

*Can I set a limit to display maximum addons per product?

Yes, there is an option in the app to display maximum addons per product.

To do it, go to Settings -> app settings -> Addons Settings.